Construction Industry Trends: Hiring The Right Staff

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When you look at a company and their corporate atmosphere, that is directly related to staff and workplace culture that becomes the business brand. Hiring the right staff, can create the right environment for a workplace success or workplace disaster. It is important to make sure you hire people who will represent your brand in the right way.

Staff are the true heartbeat of your brand and business, it cannot be overlooked or cast aside. Some of our tips to help you hire the right people for your business are:

Attractive Company Culture

Are you the employer of choice or what comes first to mind? If not, that needs to change and fast. You want to be a company people work for by offering competitive wages, benefit options, and reimbursement options. These items do cost the company money but are proven methods to help create both a challenging and rewarding company to work for. 

Employees want to feel values and appreciated through verbal acknowledgment or bonuses programs. This could be simple verbal affirmations and yearly or onetime increases. Regardless, these small things may take little effort for an employer but have a huge impact on employee morale and performance. 


Have you ever thought of asking you staff for new talent suggestions within their own networks? You can reward employees through a referral program that offers cash, additional days off, or other rewards when they refer someone who gets fired and pasts the probation period. Do not be shy to ask friends, family, and other vendors or partnerships you conduct business with. You will be surprised who is looking for a job or isn’t satisfied where they currently work.


Otherwise known as “Always Be Closing”, the sales mantra can also be used when hiring the correct staff for your business. Whether looking for immediate or future positions, you need to always keep an eye and ear out for new employees. If an employee suddenly leaves, it is better to have someone ready or at top of mind instead of scrambling to fill the void.

There is always a pipeline of potential candidates around you from internships and co-ops at both secondary and post-secondary. These local apprenticeship programs typically are paid at a lower standard, have eligible rebates, and can enable you to hire a mouldable candidate with a fresh perspective.

Realistic Expectations

It is pretty rare to have a candidate that checks off all your boxes. When you applied for jobs, did you always have the exact experience, skills, and education needed? Most likely the answer is no, so it is important to put yourself in their shoes. Remember, a skilled trainable employee is better than waiting for the perfect fit to walk through your door.

As long as the work ethic is there, a desire to learn, and a positive attitude – the ideal candidate may be hidden right in front of your eyes. Sniff the, out by understanding experience and skills are not the only important factors during the hiring process.


Like the candidate? Now do your research first before sending that job offer. Make sure that the potential new hire you are considering is a great fit for your company. Look into their references, contact them for a more personal discussion, spend the money on those additional background checks. Sometimes drug screenings and assessments tests can unveil things you couldn’t’ see on the visible surface. Use these findings and the probation period to understand your new employee and their true value that they may be bringing to your business.

When looking at our staff, for example, EN2 strives to hire staff who can hustle and get the job done no matter the circumstances. This is one of the key features that sets us apart from the competition and we openly showcase it to everyone.

If you have considered using the right people to get the job done properly, reach out to us for guidance and a design plan to suit your needs.